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Children's Storybooks

Children's Ministries

First Methodist Church's ministry to families

is rooted in its ministry to children.

LOGOS ~ Young Disciples Club

Young Disciple’s Club is a ministry that engages our young people in the life of the church by giving them opportunities to:

  • Build & develop loving, nurturing relationships with other children and adults. As a result, children are loved and accepted for just being themselves.

  • Experience Christian fellowship through creative recreational activities, group study of contemporary & Biblical values, and sharing a meal.

  • Learn & practice what it means to be a “Child of God” and a disciple of Christ.




“BONES”: The Structural Elements of our Ministry

– Refreshed & Refined!!


Everything we say and do in this program is guided by the example of Jesus Christ.      


Authentic Relationships  

Everyone strives to intentionally model Christ-like relationships in the way

they think, care, and decide about others.

Called to Serve

The process of call is used to staff this Ministry.


Everyone participates in weekly worship.

Four Parts

Students participate in all parts of this ministry, every week.


Clergy Support

There is ongoing clergy leadership and participation.


Youth Intentionally

Ministry with youth is where the accumulated effects of this system

of Christian Nurture reach their fullest potential.


Weekly Bridge

It is our hope that this ministry will bridge the relational gap

between weekly worship and gives Christian focus to everyday life.

LOGOS ministry teams build inter-generational relationships between our young people and caring Christian adults through a four-part weekly agenda.

*** Please click the button below to view the LOGOS Brochure ***

LOGOS Brochure

There are two options to register for LOGOS

You can register online, or you can print off a registration form and submit it to the 

First Methodist Church, Warren

LOGOS Registration

LOGOS Registration



Children's music is an integral part of our education and worship experience. 

Please Click Here for more information.

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